Hey there! I'm Varsha. I’m a people, data and tech nerd. I value curiosity, mindfulness and empathy. Everyday is an attempt to refine these qualities in myself. By vocation, I’m a user researcher.

"I don't know" is how most of my curiosity adventures start which are later filled with a lot of whys, hows and whats. It makes me read new things, meet new people, change cities (6 so far) and at times even change career (once so far).

I came to the Georgia Tech’s HCI program with an engineer's mindset and an intention of learning about the coolest technology but left with more of user oriented problem solver's mindset and love for the human aspect of it. Thus being a user researcher was never intentional; however staying as one is definitely intentional. UX has not only given me vocation but also a way to live life. Amongst all other good things, it has inspired me to be an empathetic person. It has also given me some of my best career moments by giving opportunities to understand people and work on hard problems with amazing multi-disciplinary colleagues.

I value self-discovery and self-improvement. My latest attempts have been discovering my core values, learning to let go, finding calmness in chaos and living more healthily, sustainably, gratefully, and generously.

My strength lies is in asking for and receiving feedback. I’m also fortunate enough to have family and friends as my toughest critiques. My weakness would be procrastination when there is no deadline. If you have found your way around this, I'm all ears. :)

And yes, I’m always learning to ask better questions.

That's my story! Tell me yours at varsha.jagdale@gatech.edu