Hey there! I'm Varsha - a people and technology nerd who values mindfulness the most.

I’m a user researcher. Being a user researcher was never intentional. However, staying as one definitely is. Why? you may wonder.

This field has given me several blissful moments - noticing someone's smile after telling them that their problem has been solved, listening to heartfelt stories, picking brains of some brilliant colleagues from diverse disciplines, asking questions and crafting stories (related: my industry research experience , LinkedIn or resume). This field has shaped several of my life values including mindfulness - which helped me take a step towards living more empathetically, gratefully, equanimously and healthily.

As an engineer, I wasn't like this. Credit to Georgia Tech's MS-HCI program for changing my mindset from tech-solution-cool-how to human-problem-good-why.

I want to continue getting better as a human centered design researcher and a human being.

That's my story! Tell me yours at varsha.jagdale@gatech.edu