Hey there! I'm Varsha - a people and technology nerd who values mindfulness the most.

I’m a user researcher with background in HCI, computer science, EdTech, and B2B. Being a user researcher was never intentional. However, staying as one definitely is. Why? You might wonder.

This field has given me several blissful moments - noticing user's smile after solving their problem, listening to heartfelt stories, picking brains of multi-disciplinary colleagues, asking questions and crafting stories (related: my industry research process, work experience, LinkedIn or resume). This field has shaped several of my life values including mindfulness.

As a computer engineer, I wasn't like this. Credit to Georgia Tech's MS-HCI program for pushing my mindset away from tech-solution-cool-how and towards human-problem-good-why.

Every day, I work hard to be a better human centered design researcher and a better human being.

That's my story! Tell me yours at varsha.jagdale@gatech.edu .