Experiences and skills

Education: MS in HCI from Georgia Tech and BE in Information Technology from Mumbai University
Workplaces: VMware, Women Who Code, Autodesk, Georgia Tech, SAP Labs
Roles: User researcher, designer, research assistant, teaching assistant, software engineer, scrum master
Domains: Education and career, Sustainability, B2B products and immersive tech
User groups: Children, Elderly, Footwear designers, IT admins, Women in tech
Research Methods: Interview, Observation, Focus Group, Usability Testing, Heuristic Evaluation, Survey, Competitor Analysis
Communication: Journey maps, Workflows, Persona, User scenarios, Brainstorming session, Prototype, Video

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Learning and reflections

Logos. Pathos. Ethos: Persuasion technique

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Case Studies

Can technology help the non-technology savvy elderly to stay healthy?
Field studies, Observation, Interview, Wizard-of-Oz, Concept Testing
My team interacted with elderly residents to understand their health needs. We prototyped an exercise game concept and tested it with them. This project is very close to my heart because it is my first user centered design project and as with any first had a lot of failures and learning. I learnt working with elderly, building trust and user centered design. Read more about process.

Is there a new business opportunity for Amazon Kindle?
Market research, Interview, Survey, Video storytelling
I triangulated data from different research efforts to figure out a potential white space for Amazon Kindle. I proposed an opportunity to enhance the experience of learning from technical books through recommended learning path and the flexibility of buying individual chapters. Read more about my process, eureka moments and use of video to tell a story.

How can Autodesk Footwear Suite better meet the needs of footwear designers?
Interviews, Desk research, Journey map, Workflow
To explore this question, I spoke with footwear designers (including a really angry one), designed a footwear, did some desk research and competitive analysis. I discovered opportunities to improve the user experience of design files management, intricate pattern design and, collaboration. Few recommendations were considered for the next release.