I'm always in pursuit of a good story and storytellers. Occasionally, I attempt to tell one through write-ups, photos or physical computing projects. A good story for me is the one about human experiences and life lessons. My favorite storytellers are J. K. Rowling, Isabella Stewart Gardner, Bill Watterson, Maya Angelou, P L Deshpande, my mentor Sarah Krasley, and my yoga instructor Melinda.

Photo stories
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This one is without a filter; the way Buddha would have seen it.
Well, 30,000 feet can offer more than an overview.
Tree persisted. Fate smiled.
This unique museum without labels is meta art and Isabella Stewart Gardner was a genius.

Written stories
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Sketching and Writing: Not an end but a means to an end
Changing the designer-user power dynamic
Seeing the world through the user-centered design lens
Interns of New York

Non-digital stories
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Arduino powered clocks that tell the electricity consumption story
Arduino powered minions crossing some hurdles and teaching children geometric shapes along the way

Using augmented reality to make learning orthographic projections fun

Recent favorite stories (not written by me!)

Very Good Lives: J. K. Rowling talks about the importance of imagination not just for storytelling but also for empathy.
Thinking, Fast and Slow Daniel Kahneman talks about how humans make decisions in this one.
Neuroscience and Buddhism: A dialogue between a neuroscientist and a Buddhist monk on how both the areas are closely linked.
Tribe of Mentors: Life's wisdom from some brilliant minds condensed in one book by Timothy Ferriss.

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