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In the woods
In the woods I become alive
Stories exchanged sans the words
Silence nursing courage
To the shy answers within
In the woods I become alive

O Autumn, here you are

Bringing warmth to sight
Adding freshness to breath

Bringing in new yet keeping the familiar old
Showing the beauty in subtle change

Carrying a blanket of comforting golden rays
Easing us into the next big change

O Autumn, how I wish you overstayed

I never feared the tears
Only feared them having to roll inwards

Farewells are not for heartbreaking goodbyes
They are for heart warming welcomes
Welcoming memories that never change
Unlike their creators destined for farewell

Fall season says
I may fall
But as I fall
I will color the ground

I may fall
But as I fall
I will lift up the mood around

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