3.5 years of user research and design experience at VMware, Women Who Code, Autodesk and Georgia Tech
2.5 years of software engineering and project management experience at SAP Labs

Education: MS-HCI from Georgia Tech with focus on EdTech + Computer Science (B.Eng. IT)
Research areas: Education and career, sustainability, business tools, energy, finance and ubiquitous computing
Methods: Active listening, observation, interview, focus group, survey, exploratory research, concept testing, usability testing

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Reflections and Case Studies

Case Study: How to get children interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) areas?
This NSF project was an attempt by Georgia Tech's EduTech Lab to help solve the U.S. STEM pipeline problem. I conducted multi methods research (literature review, observations, interview) at Atlanta Children's Museum. Learned conducting observation, literature review and reformulating problems.
#edTech #mastersThesis

Case Study: How can the elderly be motivated to exercise?
Conducted field research (observations, interview) at Campbell Stone retirement community, prototyped a Kinect exercise game and evaluated its usefulness and usability using Wizard of Oz technique. Learned working with elderly.
#healthCare #georgiaTechHCICourse

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